Nature Bats Last

Years ago, I saw a bumper sticker that said, NATURE BATS LAST. “What are nature bats?” I wondered, “And why do they last?” I was clearly unschooled in the rules of baseball, but I’ve since come to understand the irrefutable truth of those words. We are part of nature. What we do to nature boomerangs back to us.
This virus is Mother Nature’s way of reminding us who’s in charge, and just how tiny we are, even though we have the mighty power to dismember her life support systems.
The heartbreaking irony is that as thousands of people are gasping for air due to the coronavirus’ rampage through their lungs, our planet is experiencing the cleanest air it’s had in decades, if not longer. And yet, the destruction of the Amazon rainforest — long called “the lungs of the earth” — is happening at a faster rate than ever. Do enough of us notice? Do enough of us care? Do enough of us understand the intimate connection we have with this earthly body that we live on and the glorious manifestation of its genius?
This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. It’s a shame that it took a microscopic virus and its searing devastation to restore clean air and clear water just in time to celebrate such a noteworthy event. Perhaps this shocking moment in history will represent a turning point, a Great Awakening whereby enough of us will realize we can collectively choose a different path forward. A path that acknowledges the scary power of a sick planet unleashed. A path that inspires us to harness our creative and economic will so we can live with integrity and balance on our Home. We are certainly smart enough and technically advanced enough to do it.
This is the Mother of all baseball games, and it’s our turn at bat.